Our Message

Our message is simple; God's Truth and Good News straight from His Word. On the other side of the world we bring nothing but the truth of God's Word as we take every opportunity to share the truth of God's mercy, grace and salvation through Jesus Christ.

Locally, among fellow believers and local congregations our message is no different. We bring the Truth of God's Word and His priority to reach every nation, tongue and tribe with the gospel of Jesus Christ. We also equip and encourage believers to get involved in World Missions doing their part in obeying Jesus command to complete the Great Commission.

Who We Are

Our Mission

Our mission is to be actively involved in completing the Great Commission. Not only are we aggressively involved through church planting among unreached peoples half a world away, we are also involved in equipping believers and local churches to do their part in finishing the task of "discipling all nations"

(Matthew 28:19).

Our Method

Our church-planting teams are operating in among a culture that does not welcome Christianity or anyone who desires to convert them. In fact, to openly proclaim the gospel in hopes of winning converts would mean immediate expulsion from that community, persecution and possibly prison. Therefore, we build boats. Boats are a priority among the people group we are trying to reach and it gives our team of national church planters a platform to engage this unreached community on a daily basis. Not only are we offering a service and technology this community needs to advance their economic status, we are living out biblical Christianity in all we do and say as we live and work among the